Fix Congress!

Give me a couple of minutes of your time and I am confident I can convince you that this is not just a wishful thought, but a workable solution.

Fix Congress

Many will look at this and their first thought will be that this can’t be real because it’s on Facebook. While we have people on the streets across the nation, we are using Facebook quite a bit. Stop and think about it from a strategic viewpoint. Facebook is a large-scale, interwoven communications network that currently connects with well over half of the adult population in America. For the first time in history, we have the ability to communicate with each other without the biased, filtered input associated with the mainstream media.
Now let’s talk about Congress.

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Repair your PC from your smart phone

There are over 1 billion computers in
use all over the world today. Let’s face it; you love your smart
phone more than your PC, but you can’t really avoid using the
computer at work. At least not until screens and keyboards can be
dynamically re-sized and printer drivers for mobile phones are

Things may change in this field within
the next five to ten years (there is already smart electronic paper
that is looking promising), but for now most of us are stuck with at
least two multimedia devices.

So, what to do when your PC decides to
slow down and become virus infested? Well, you could waste the better
part of a weekend with cleaning out viruses, backing up your files,
reinstalling the operating system, and all the apps and updates, and
finally, copying your files back.

One alternative is to give your
computer to one of the nerds in the family to fix it and hope it
doesn’t get screwed up even more. Of course, if you have the money,
you can drop it off at a repair shop and wait a week to get it back.

Or you could try something fancy like a
cell phone app that can diagnose and fix issues remotely. A new
cellular app has been released that has over 200 routines for
scanning and fixing errors related to viruses and spy-ware. It also
comes with procedures to update registries and optimize the operating

The only recommendation is that you
first back up your files in case the repair program goes a little too
far and makes it worse. One pre-requisite is that your computer can
at least start up and show the desktop, because you need to install
some files that will be used to scan the computer.

For an example of this type of
software, go to your mobile apps store and search for the Live Gooroo
(TM) application. This app also has a support neighborhood, where you
can chat with support (fees may apply) to discuss problems and fixes.

If all of that doesn’t work for you,
the suggestion is to go buy a new computer and have some fun with it!


Find a fix for your car in minutes

We’ve all been there. Something is wrong with the car and it is no
longer in the mechanics. It is a problem with “the electronics”.
In reality, some software on a computer chip deep within the car has
an error code available that you won’t find out unless you take it in
to a dealer and pay big bucks to get it diagnosed. Of course, the
dealer charges minimum an hour fee for something that takes 5 minutes
to diagnose.

Well, this doesn’t have to be the case anymore! Online software
can now be used to query the systems in the car and find out what the
problem is. You will normally need a car interface (cost varies by
model), and an online monthly fee is charged, but after that you are
good to go!

This type of solution can scan for health problems with the
engine, body, transmission, airbags, breaks and many other systems.
Lights inside the vehicle will be used to communicate specific
problems. Moreover; issues that may be coming up, such as sensors
failing, or fuel pump being close to a breakdown, etc., will be

The scanning is not only dealer specific, but can also detect OEM
codes and communicate warnings and failures to you. This enables you
to take action and apply a fix before things break down and avoid
unnecessary and costly repairs.

Just like the software on your computer needs occasional updates,
so does the software in your car. But how do you find out about it?
The manufacturers find and fix issues with the software all the time,
but do not notify you unless it is critical. With an online
diagnostics system, you can be notified if an update is required that
helps with the safety and performance of your car.

The best part is that it takes the guess work out of figuring out
what is wrong with your car; hundreds of tests can be run in the time
it takes you to finish drinking a cup of coffee! It is easy and
convenient to use anywhere that you have internet accessibility.

Nearly all American, European, and Asian car models made after
1996 are compatible with these kinds of system checkers. Before you
decide to buy a diagnostics system, take a look at the manufacturers
web sites to make sure that the diagnostic can be applied to your

It is always easier to fix your car when you know what is wrong
with it! This is also a great way to ensure that your mechanic is not
overcharging you for repairs. You can print a report and take it in
with the car to show that will not be taken advantage of!

Here are two examples of online scanning systems: (also charges a small fee per report)